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Business Administration 2295F/G

DateWeek4Pages152180Chapter5TheoriesofWorkMotivationReduceReciteRecordObjectives 51 Define motivation discuss its basic properties and distinguish it from performance52 Compare and contrast intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and describe selfdetermination theory autonomous motivation and controlled motivation53 Explain and discuss the different factors that predict performance and define general cognitive ability and emotional intelligence 54 Explain and discuss need theories of motivation 55 Explain and discuss expectancy theory 56 Explain and discuss equity theory 57 Explain and discuss goal setting theory goal orientation and 51 What is motivation Extent to which persistent effort is directed toward a goal driveWhat are the basic Effortcharacteristics of Persistencemotivation Direction52 Compare and contrast Factors possess both compatible in enhancing work motivation intrinsic and extrinsic motivationIntrinsic Motivation stems from direct relationship btwn worker and task usually selfappliedFeelings of achievement accomplishment challenge etc52 What is the selfTheory of motivation that considers whether ppls motivation is determination theory SDT autonomous or controlledWhat is the difference aAutonomous selfmotivated by intrinsic factorsbtwn autonomous and oChose to be engaged in task actions internally regulated controlled motivation oMore effective associated w ve attitude psychological well beingbControlled motivated to obtain desired consequence or extrinsic 53 Explain the different factors Performance extent to which orgs member contributes to achieving that predict performance objectives of the organizationNot 11 relationship w motivation Factors oGeneral Cognitive Ability persons basic infoprocessing capacities and cognitive resources
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