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Chapter 4

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Business Administration
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Business Administration 2295F/G

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DateWeek3Pages118143Chapter4ValuesAttitudesandWorkBehaviorReduceReciteRecordObjectives 41 Define values and discuss the implications of crosscultural variation in values for OB42 Define attitudes and explain how people develop attitudes43 Explain the concept of job satisfaction and discuss some of its key contributors including discrepancy fairness disposition mood and emotion44 Explain the relationship between job satisfaction and absenteeism turnover performance organizational citizenship behavior and customer satisfaction41 Define ValuesBroad tendency to prefer certain states of affairs over othersPreference valueswhat we consider good vs badoValues are motivational signal shouldshouldnt behaviorsa Generational DifferencesGood fit between persons values vs those of the organization leads to ve work attitudes behaviors Tailored job designs leadership styles and benefits to the b Cultural DifferencesWork centrality life centered around workoCrossculture differences officeworkplace cultureWhat are the 4 basic Hofsedes Studydimensions Hofsedes o4 dimensions where workrelated values differed across study of which workculturesrelated values differed across cultures Power Distance extent which society members accept unequal distribution of powerSmall power distinequality min superiors accessible power diff downplayedoEg Denmark Israel AustriaBig power distinequality normal superiors inaccessible power diff highlightedoEg Philippines Russia MexicoUncertainty Avoidance extent which ppl
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