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Business Administration 2295F/G

DateWeek2Pages4269Chapter2PersonalityandLearningReduceReciteRecordObjectives 21 Define personality and discuss its general role in influencing OB22 Describe dispositional situational and interactionist approaches to OB and trait activation theory23 Discuss FiveFactor Model of personality24 Describe and discuss consequences of locus of control selfmonitoring and selfesteem25 Discuss veve affectivity proactive personality general selfefficacy and core selfevaluations and their consequences26 Define learning and describe what is learned in org27 Explain operant learning theory and differentiate btwn veve reinforcements28 Explain when to use immediate vs delayed reinforcement and when to use continuous vs partial reinforcement 29 Distinguish btwn extinction and punishment and explain how to use punishment effectively 210 Explain social cognitive theory and discuss observational learning selfefficacy beliefs and selfregulation211 Describe the following organizational learning practices OB modification employee recognition programs training and dev programs and career development 21 What is Personality Relatively stable set of psychological characteristics that influence the way individual interact with environmentPersonality fromWhere does personality Number of dimensions traits determined by genetic dispositioncome fromlong term learning historySusceptible to changeVariety oftyping is bad How does personality playa part in OBNew approach to hiring may focus on personality22 What is the Dispositional Indiv possess stable traitscharacteristics that influence their attitudes and approach to OBbehaviorsIe predisposed to behave in certain wayBased on personality test researchoInconsistent findingsstopped22 What is the Situational Characteristics of organizational setting influence ppls attitudes and approach to OBbehaviors22 What is the Interactionist Indivs attitudes behavior baseddispositionalsituationalapproach to OBMost widely acceptedWeak situation no clear way for person to behave no rulesoPersonality has most impactStrong situation clear expectation of behavior rulesoPersonality has less impact22 What is Trait Activation Trait leads to behavior when situation makes need for trait salientTheory and its influence on Fit putting right person in right job group org and exposing OBemployees to diff mgmt styles
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