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Business Administration
Business Administration 2295F/G

DateWeek1Pages125Chapter1OrganizationalBehaviorandManagementReduceReciteRecordObjectives 11 Define organizations and describe basic characteristics12 Explain concept of OB and describe goals of OB13 Define management and describe what managers do to accomplishgoals14 Classical viewpoint of mgmt vs HR movement 15 Describe contemporary contingency approach to mgmt 16 Role of managers activities agendas thought process17 Describe societalglobal trends shaping contemporary mgmt concernsWhat are organizationsSocial inventions for accomplishing common goals through grp efforts11 Define organizationsEssencepplField of OB 11 What are the 3 basic a understanding ppl and making them work efficiently effectively characteristics of the field OBtogetherb how org can surviveadapt to changes What behaviors of ppl of motivated to joinremain an org are necessary to do reliable work productivity quality serviceaccomplish goals survive continuously learning to upgrade knowledge skilland adapt flexible innovativec how to get ppl to practice effective teamworkWhat is an important Interactioncoordinationaccomplished goalsbasis of OB to function Intellectualphysical work perf by groupseffectivelyInformal groups friendships alliesoCommunication morale has strong impact on goal achievement What is OBDiscipline Attitudesbehavior of indiv groups in an orginsight to 12 Concept of OBeffective mgmtWhat are ppl in OB Attitudes of pplinterested in How satisfied ppl are with jobsHow committed they feel to goals of orgHow supportive in promo of women minorities into mgmt positionsBehaviors cooperation conflict innovation resignation ethical lapsesPrograms practices systems to acquire develop retain employees in orgWhat is HR mgmt Recruitmentselection compensations trainingdevelopmentWhy study OB a org made up of ppl OB studies ppl successfailureb understanding OBeffective mgmt productservice successc orgs competitive adv key determinant of firms perfHRworking capital What are 3 main goals of OBapredictingWhen ppl will make ethical decisions create innovative prod engage in sexual harassment
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