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Chapter 2.2

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Western University
Chemistry 1027A/B
Felix Lee

2.2: Chemistry Review Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) Theory: - Pairs of electrons, both bonding and non-bonding, occupy the valence shell of a central atom - These electron pairs, or regions of electron density, repel each other and spatially position themselves to maximize the separation of the pairs - Lone pairs exert greater repulsive forces than bonding pairs - Multiple bonds are treated as single regions of electron density AXE Notation: - ‘A’ denotes the central atom - ‘m’ is the number of atoms ‘X’ bonded on the central atom, ‘A’ - ‘n’ is the number of lone electron pairs ‘E’ on the central atom ‘A’ - m+n = the total number of regions of electron density around the central atom m+n Electronic Hybridization Angles VSEPR Lone Molecular Shape Example Arrangement Type Pairs 2 Linear sp 180 AX2 0 Linear* BeCl2 3 Trigonal Planar sp2 120 AX3 0 Trigonal planar BF3 < 120 AX E 1 Bent SO 3 2 1 2 4 Tetrahedral sp 109.5 AX4 0 Tetrahedral* CH 4 <109.5 AX3 1 1 Trigonal pyramidal NH 3 3 <109.5 AX2 2 2 Bent H2O 5 Trigonal sp d 90, 120 AX5 0 Trigonal bipyramidal PCl5 Bipyramidal
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