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Chapter 2.1

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Felix Lee

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2.1: Redox Reactions  A redox reactions consists of two half-reactions o In one half-reaction, electrons are lost (oxidation) o In the other half-reaction, electrons are gained (reduction)  Oxidation states are used to facilitate the electron accounting in redox reactions o Oxidation states are typically referred to as oxidation numbers  The oxidation number is always zero in a pure element  The oxidation number is equal to the charge on a monatomic ion  In a neutral species, the total must equal zero  In a complex ion, the total must equal the charge on the ion  Fluorine is always -1  Group 1 metals (Na, K, etc.) are +1  Group 2 metal (Ca, Mg, etc.) are +2  Hydrogen is +1 (except when bonded to a metal - hydrides, where it is -1)  Oxygen is usually -2  Other halogens (group 17) are usually -1  In any redox reaction there must be a change in the oxidation state of one or more elements  Reducing agent (reductant) – causes other species to be reduced  Oxidizing agent (oxidant) – causes other species to be oxidized  Steps for balancing redox reactions: o Recognize a redox reaction by noting the changes in oxidation number o Write the reaction as two half-reactions
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