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Chapter 2.2

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Chemistry 1027A/B
Felix Lee

2.2: Voltaic Cells  Electrochemistry – studies the interconversion of chemical and electrical energy  Electrochemical cells – the experimental setup that produces an electrical current and does electrical work through the use of a redox reaction o Also called voltaic or galvanic cells  Electrolysis – when a chemical reaction is forced to occur in an electrochemical cell by introducing electrical current from an external source o When this occurs, the nomenclature changes from voltaic cell to electrolytic cell  Salt-bridge – an inverted U-tube filled with an aqueous solution of an electrochemically inert salt  The physically separated subsystem where each half-reaction occurs is called a half-cell  Electrode – the surface where each half-reaction takes place o It is an electronic conductor (usually a metal or graphite bar) that is in contact with an electrolyte (a solution or a molten salt) o Often the electrode is also one of the reactants  Cathode – the electrode where the reduction occurs  Anode – the electrode where the oxidation occurs  Cell diagram – the convenient shorthand notation representing a voltaic cell o The anode is written first on the left, followed by the other species in the order in which they occur in the cell from the anode to the cathode o A phase boundary is represented by a single vertical line/bar o The salt-bridge is indicated by a double vertical line/bar o If two or more reactants are in the same phase, separate them by a comma o If inert electrodes (such as graphite/platinum) are involved, they are placed on the anode or cathode end of the diagram as applicable, and separated by a single vertical bar o Stoichiometric coefficients and species that are not directly involved in the reaction are not shown  Cell potential (voltage or E ) – the electrical energy difference between any two electrodes in cell an electrochemical cell
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