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Classical Studies 2200 Chapter Notes -Satyr Play, Dionysia, Hesperides

Classical Studies
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CS 2200
Kendall Sharp

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Classical Mythology 2200
October 28, 2013
The Gigantomachy and Typhon – ACM 21-22
Alcyoneus was immortal as long as he fought in the same land where he was
born, and he even drove the cattle of Helios out of Erytheia
It had been prophesized to the gods that none of the Giants could be killed by
gods, but that if a mortal fought as their ally, the Giants would die
When Ge learned of this, she found a magic plant to prevent them from being
killed even by a mortal
Then Zeus cut the plant before Ge could and had Athena call Heracles to help
them as an ally
Heracles first shot Alcyoneus, but when he fell onto the earth, he was
Heracles dragged him outside of Pallene and then that is how he died
Zeus put desire for Hera into him
She called for help when the Giant was tearing her clothes in his desire to rape
her, and after Zeus hit him with a thunderbolt, Heracles shots and killed him with
his bow
The Daughters of CadmosACM 47
Cadmose had daughters, Autone, Ino, Semele, and Agaue, and a son Polydoros
Zeus fell in love with Semele and shared her bed without Hera’s knowledge
But Semele was tricked by Hera
After Semele’s death (Zeus killed her), the remaining daughters of Cadmos spread
a story that Semele had been sleeping with some mortal man and had faked her
affair with Zeus and that that was why she was struck by a thunderbolt
The night that Semele died, Zeus snatched from the fire their child (Dionysus)
and stitched him into his thigh
Dionysus – ACM 48
He was the one who discovered the grapevine
Ode 2.19 – ACM 212-213
1130 Satyrs as Suitors – ACM 394
In the City of Dionysia, each playwright presented three tragedies followed by a
Satyr drama – named after the Satyrs who comprised the chorus
The contend and tone of a Satyr play are comic and crude
“Tragedy at play”
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