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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2200
Kendall Sharp

Classical Mythology 2200 Bacchae October 28, 2013 The Gigantomachy and Typhon –ACM 21-22 • Alcyoneus was immortal as long as he fought in the same land where he was born, and he even drove the cattle of Helios out of Erytheia • It had been prophesized to the gods that none of the Giants could be killed by gods, but that if a mortal fought as their ally, the Giants would die • When Ge learned of this, she found a magic plant to prevent them from being killed even by a mortal • Then Zeus cut the plant before Ge could and hadAthena call Heracles to help them as an ally • Heracles first shotAlcyoneus, but when he fell onto the earth, he was reinvigorated • Heracles dragged him outside of Pallene and then that is how he died • Zeus put desire for Hera into him • She called for help when the Giant was tearing her clothes in his desire to rape her, and after Zeus hit him with a th
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