The Romans Text Definitions for the Republic
The Romans Text Definitions for the Republic

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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2200
Christopher Brown

Jan 03 12 The Romans Text DefinitionsPolitical Offices of the Republic two in office chief registrar financial and tax officer inspector of public works and arbiter of public Censormorality six after 197 BCE chief law officer and judge understudy to the consuls particularly in the administration Praetorof provinces automatically invested with imperium and was preceded in public by six lectors Aedilefour after 366 BCE supervisor of public works temples markets and games with two at least always were plebeiansfour after 421 BCE eight after 267 BCE twenty from about 80 BCE during the dictatorship of Sulla Quaestorassistant to the consuls particularly as the controller of the military and as keeper of records minimum age of 25 to allow the completion of military service first plebeian to hold this position was in 409 BCE Senateabout 300 members up to the reforms in 8279 of Sulla who doubled the number nominations were originally automatic by birth or rank but later they were made by the consuls and after around 350 BCE by the censors plebeians were admitted during the fourth century BCE after which the senate became a body predominantly of men who had served as government officials it did not pass laws to much as give its advice to the popular assemblies it had complete control over finance administration of the state and its empire and relations with foreign powers
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