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David Lamari

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Ancient Greek Athletics 2 – The World of Greek Athletics  Athletics was not just about competition, it was concerned with winning a prize  Sport for sport’s sake was not an ancient concept  Competition was always done in the nude o Males genitals contract during exercise so that the danger of injury is less likely  Kynodesmai – the things with which the Athenians tied up their private parts when they stripped o Not all athletes used kynodesmai, and the rules around it are unclear  Gymnasts – anyone who did something in the nude; a trainer of nude activites  Gymnasion – place for nude athletes, a place for training the nude body and the mind  There are two groupings at Olympia: andres – men and paides – boys (about 17) o Intermediate group called ageneioi (beardless youths) was included at some sites  Athletes rubbed oil on their body prior to exercise and competition o Each athlete had an oil jar o Said to warm up the muscles, protect from the elem
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