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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Notes Sink or Swim • Ancient Greeks and Romans knew of the disease "Hydrophobia", which is caused by a painful spasm of the larynx when one suffering from this disease attempts to drink • Celsus (Roman Physician) wrote about it and said the cure was to throw those infected into water and said it was caused by being bitten by a rapid dog. He called it "rabies" (madness) in his writing Phi Beta Kappa • The Phi Beta Kappa society was founded in order to give a recognition to students in American Colleges who achieved academic distinction • Members were given a key bearing initials for Philosophia Biou Kybernetes meaning "Philosophy for the Guide of Life" ◦ Kybernetes meant "helmsmen of a ship" and is related to L. gubernator. From this L. word, we get E. gubernatorial and through F., governor ◦ From Kybernetes, we also get cybernetics - "the science of automatic control systems" and cyberspace Philosophy • Philosophia meant not only the love of knowledge, but also the study and systemic treatment of any subject. • Earliest Greek philosophers were concerned with physical science. It was Socrates that started studying the soul of a human and is known as the father of modern philosophy • From Socrates, the sophists appeared in Greece, we g
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