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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Notes Hybrids • Have some Greek parts and some Latin parts - these are not at all common. ◦ ex. Television - Tele > G. far away, vis. > L. see, ion > L. act of ◦ ex. Automobile - Auto > G. itself, mobile > L. moving. ◦ ex. Petroleum ◦ ex. Pedophile - Ped- > G. child, phile - excessively fond however Ped- could also be L. for foot. ◦ ex. Phosphorus from G. stem for light has been borrowed into English with the Latin ending "-us". Phosphorescent and phosphorescence are also from this Greek stem but were formed as though they were Latin inceptive verbs. ◦ ex. Neonatal - from G. "neos" or new, and L. natalis meaning "of or pertaining to birth" ◦ ex. Biofuel - from G. bios meaning life or living organism and Latin focalis meaning "hearth" Poison • Greek Noun toxon meant "bow" as in archery and the plural often meant "arrows". • The noun pharmakon meant a drug. The combination toxicon pharmakon was used to refer to the poison put on the head of an arrow before battle - it is from this that we get the term toxic and toxicology. With the suffixes -in or -ine (used to form chemical compounds), we get toxin and antitoxin. The original meaning of toxon is retained in the E. word toxophilite, "a lover of archery". The suffix -ite is Greek and means "person concerned with" • In Medieval Latin, intoxicare meant "make senseless with wine", and from this we get intoxicate and intoxicant Pandemonium • From Greek "pas, pantos" meaning "all, every" and daimon meaning "evil spirit". • First found in Paradise Lost where it used as the name of a city, the dwelling place of all the e
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