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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Notes Genesis • In the original Indo-European language, there was what was called "roots" - combinations of sounds which later became the stems of words in some of the IE languages. • One root has the sounds g and n which turned into gen- meaning "coming into being" • Genealogy - an account of one's ancestry • Genesis - the name given to the first book of the Old Testament. The Greek translation of these scriptures is called Sepuagint. The Greek word genesis is from gene-, the stem of genos, geneos, "birth, origin" and the suffix sis. Idiot! • Ancient Athens is where democracy first became a reality. • Everyone was expected to take part, and those who didn't were considered strange and called idiotes "a private person". • It came to mean someone who is ill-informed about private affairs and thus, ignorant or an idiot. • Idiosyncrasy or idiosyncratic means "any peculiar or unusual characteristic of someone" is from idios "one's own, private". Comes from the prefix syn- and the stem cras- meanin
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