Lesson 12 Textbook Problems

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B
David Lamari

Lesson TwelvePart A1Path feeling sufferogen birth originic characteristic of EM characteristic of the origin of suffering MM organisms capable of spreading disease2Gene birth originsis state condition procedure EM state of birth MM the beginning the making of something3Psych the mindogen birth originic characteristic of EMcharacteristic of the birth of the mind MMhaving a psychological origin rather than a physical one4Eu well goodgen birth originically in a manner pertaining to EMin a manner pertaining to good origin MMscience of improving the human population through breeding5Gene birth origintic characterized by EMcharacterized by origin MMa change inherent in the genome of a person6Od road way journeyometer instrument for measuring EMinstrument for measuring a journey MMinstrument that measures miles in a car7Icon image likeness EMimage MMa role model someone adored 8Eu well goodthana deathsia state condition procedure EMthe state of a good death MMto help someone die via chemical or medical means9Idi ones own privateotic characteristic of EMcharacteristic of being stupid MMcharacteristic of acting stupid or foolish10Thanat deathology study
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