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Western University
Classical Studies
Classical Studies 3400E
Chris Piper

Prudery, i.e., a prude is somebody who is easily shocked by sex or nudity and who pays a great deal of attention to proper social behavior (disapproving) Expurgate, i.e., to remove words or passages considered offensive or unsuitable from a book before publication Erotica: literary. Scholars in the past (beginning around the end of the 18th century and continuing until as late as 1970) had a habit of whitewashing Greece and Rome, choosing to ignore or suppress those aspects of the ancient civilizations they found disturbing, immoral, or unpleasant. "Classical culture was rather selectively admired." Often, literary erotica/ sexually explicit material fell under this heading. There were several ways of dealing with these parts, if you were a translator publishing a classical text in English. • Sometimes (especially in study editions), erotic or disturbing parts would be left out altogether (i.e., with no ellipsis to show where the author had omitted text) • In translations of ancient authors, indecent bits of
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