Comparative Literature and Culture 2125A/B Chapter Notes -Libido, Castration Anxiety, Oedipus Complex

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A boy’s mother was his first love-object; he remains so, and, as his feelings for her become more
passionate and he understands more of the relation between father and mother, the former
inevitably appears as a rival. With little girls it is otherwise
Second change which appears to us no less characteristic and important for feminine
development: the original mother-object has to be exchanged for the father
First, analysis has shown that where the attachment to the father was peculiarly strong it had
been preceded by a phase of equally strong and passionate attachment exclusively to the
The primary mother relation had developed in a very rich and many sided way
Secondly, I learn that the duration of this attachment to the mother had been greatly
I’ve due weight to the possibility that many a woman may remain arrested at the original
mother-attachment and never properly achieve the change-over to men
This phase of mother-attachment is especially closely connected with the aetiology of hysteria
That in this dependence on the mother we have the germ of later paranoia in women
The great dependence on the father in women merely takes over the heritage of an equally
great attachment to the mother and secondly, that this earlier phase lasts longer than we
should have anticipated
Bisexual disposition which we maintain to be characteristic of human beings manifests itself
much more plainly in the female than in the male
The sexual life of the woman is regularly split up into two phases, the first of which is of a
masculine character whilst only the second is specifically feminine
The first love-object of the male is the mother, because it is she who feeds and tends him, and
she remains his principle love object
With the female too the mother must be the first object, for the primary conditions of object
choice are the same for all children
After the paternal function has been internalized so as to form the super-ego the next task is to
detach the latter from those person of whim is was originally the psychical representative
One reside of the castration complex in the man is a measure of disparagement in his attitude
towards women, whom he regards as having been castrated
This masculinity complex my also result in a manifestly homosexual object choice
Oedipus complex in its feminine form. This, in women, that complex represents the final result
of a lengthy process of development; castration does not destroy but rather creates it
The mother-relation was the original one, upon which the father relation was built up in married
life the original basis emerges from repression
Our interest must be directed to the mechanisms at work in the turning away from the mother
object originally so vehemently and exclusively loved
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