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Computer Science
Computer Science 1026A/B
Brian Langen

Topic 4: Introduction to Media Computation: Digital Pictures Media computation  The processing of some collection of: o Picture element o Sound fragment o Movie frames o Text files o Web (html) pages  Digital data: The encoding of information in computer language (bits; 0s and 1s)  Digital media: Electronic media that records a numeric encoding (as opposed to continuous / analog recording) o Digital cameras capture and store photos as digital data on a memory card, rather than on film o CDs sample sound waves and record numbers that represent the sound at the time of that sample Human Vision  Our eyes contain o Rods that allow us to see black, white, and shades of gray o Cones that allow us to see in color. Cones are sensitive to red, green, and blue light. o All other colors are combinations of rods and cones at different intensities of light.  Our eyes and brain work together to make sense of what we see. RGB Model  In an RGB model, all colors are combinations of red, green, and blue light at different intensities  White: Full intensities of red, green, and blue (255,255,255)  Black: Zero intensity of red, green, and blue (0,0,0)  Gray: Intensity of red, green, and blue being equal (x,x,x)  Red: Full intensity of red, zero intensity of green and blue (255,0,0)  Green: Full intensity of green, zero intensity of blue and red (0,255,0)  Blue: Full intensity of blue, zero intensity of g
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