Computer Science 1026A/B Chapter 7: COMPSCI-1026-Lab-7-Code

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text = open("keywords.txt", "r")
for x in range(0,10):
line = text.readline()
words = line.rsplit(',')
if int(words[1]) == 20:
elif int(words[1]) == 0:
elif int(words[1]) == -10:
print("The positive keywords are", POSITIVE_WORDS)
print("The negative keywords are", NEGATIVE_WORDS)
print("The neutral keywords are", NEUTRAL_WORDS)
TWEET = "I really am very happy for you I love the weather I am also sad and have some
regrets about being so tired"
tweetWords = TWEET.rsplit()
sentiment = 0
for word in tweetWords:
if word in POSITIVE_WORDS:
sentiment = sentiment + 20
elif word in NEGATIVE_WORDS:
sentiment = sentiment - 10
print("The sentiment of the tweet is", sentiment)
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