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Chapter 1 – Information Systems and you - What is an information system? o A system is a group of components that interact to achieve some purpose o An information system is a group of components that interact to produce information - 5 component framework of o Computer Hardware (ex. Computer, keyboard etc) o Software (ex. Microsoft word, processing program) o Data (ex. Words, sentences etc) o procedures (ex. Methods used to start program) o People (ex. Us!)  Simplest to the most complex - These 5 components are all linked together through networks - Social network join networks join people together and computer networks such as the internet tie software, hardware and data together to make information more accessible and powerful - In the past Software: refer to computer components that were not hardware (e.g programs, procedures, user manuals) o Today is refer to programs or application - An important point to learn inthis class is that people are often the most cirtical part of an information system - Information systems are not just computers and data - Computer based information system (information system that include computer) o There are information systems that do not include computers (ex calendar) What is MIS? - MIS = management information systems - Development and use of information systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives o 3 elements : development and use, information systems, and business goals and objectivies - Development and use of information systems o Information systems must be constructed o Whatever field of careers need to take an active role in that system’s development o In addition to helping choose and implement information systems, you will have important roles to play in the use of information systems  Need to employ the system to accomplish your goals  Responsible for protecting the security of the system and its data (back up data, protect the organization from losign important information)  When system fails, you will have tasks to perform while the system is down as well as helping to recover system qucikyl and correctly - Achieving business goals and objectives o Last part of MIS is that information systems exist to help businesses achieve their goals and objectives o Businesses themselves do not do anything o Its people within a business who sell buy design, produce, finance, market, account, and manage (help people who work in a business achieve the goals and objectives of that business) o Not created to be modern or in pace of technology curve o Should ask; what business goal or objective will be served by the investment in the new technology o Future business professional, need to learn to look at information systems and technologies only through the lens of business need o MIS is the development and use of information systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives (much more than just buying computer and writing a program etc) Q3- How does it differ from IT? - Information technology and information system are two closely related terms and although they are often used interchangeably they are different - Information technology refers to methods, inventions, standards and products – REFERS TO RAW TECHNOLOGY o Concerns only hardware, software, data components of an information system and how these are networked together o An information system is a system of hardware, software, data, procedures and people that produces information - Information technology by itself will not help an organization achieve goals and objectives , only when it is embedded into Information system - Only when the technology within the hardware, software and data is combined with the people and procedure components that IT becomes useful - Information technology becomes useful for setting up something but not for goals - The real difference between information technology and information syste is that information system includes people in the equation o Big difference when considered people and how they work- design and implement systems Q4 - How important are information system to our economy? - Information systems are an increasingly important part of the canandian economy - Industry Canada is the federal government agency responsible for categorizing industry sectors and collecting information about them o Information and communications technologies sector (ICT) (closely related to the use of IS in Canada) - This industry sector is special because it provides products and services that other industries such as retail, manufacturing, insurance, or banking, rely on to get their work done. - More people work in ICT sector o Includes companies involved in software and computer services, cable and other program distributors, telecommunication services, ICT manufacturing and ICT wholesaling - In 2009, the Canadian ICT sector included nearly 20000 companies - Most companies more than 97% had fewer than 100 employees o In 2008, only 120 companies in the ICT sector had more than 500 employees o The faster growth means that the ICT industry sector has accounted for 8.3 % of canada’s GDP growth since 2002 (jobs), most employment gains have occurred in the software and computer services industries - What we can learn from these employment numbers is that there will likely be more jobs in the future in what are termed service industries o These are the industries that do not produce products but instead su
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