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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

Chapter 1: Information System and You (Computer Based) Information System  Information System (IS): A group of components that interact to produce information  Five-Component Framework: Present in every IS o Hardware: Computer, storage disk, keyboard, and monitor o Software: Programs or applications o Data: Words, sentences, and paragraphs that are reported o Procedures: Methods of the hardware in dealing with software and software in dealing with data o People: Human beings (or networks); the most critical part of an information system Management Information Systems (MIS)  Development of Information Systems o What will the system do? o What is its purpose and what will it enable us to do? o Will it aid us in achieving our goal?  Use of Information Systems o Have an active role in the MIS to ensure that the system meets our needs o Understand how the system evolves o Consider users’ needs during development of the system o Learn how to use the systems, especially: security, back-up, and recovery  Achieving Business Goals and Objectives o People perform the activities of a business: designing, producing, marketing, and accounting o MIS empowers users and businesses to reach their goals o IS must be developed and used for the right reasons (is it worth the investment?) Information System (IS) VS. Information Technology (IT)  IT: Methods, inventions, standards, and products (raw technology) o Must be embedded into an IS that it becomes useful o This is especially the case in that only IS and not IS includes a human interaction with the technology o EX: A person creating a webpage is using IT, but IS takes the bigger share of completing the project Importance of IS  Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector includes o Sector that provides products and services to other industries such as :  Retail & manufacturing & insurance & banking o Many companies in the ICT are reporting increased number of jobs and above average earnings  Today, everybody uses various basic information systems including e-mail, accessing web-pages, using Word / PowerPoint / Excel software and processors, and instant-messaging.  To have a competitive advantage, however: o Consider IS and IT in any issues o Think creatively about problems, challenges, and opportunities (to be productive, be innovative) o Create innovative applications using emerging technologies (or apply them to your business needs) o Expand knowledge on project management software, business graphics, and collaborative systems o ICTC Report writes that additional skills are necessary:  Specific technology and industry experience  Satisfactory communications and other business skills What is the Shape of Things to Come?  How will IT and IS affect the way we live and work?  Moore’s Law o ―The complexity for minimum component cost has increased at a rate of roughly a factor of two per year…Certainly over the short term this rate can be expected to continue, if not to increase….‖ o Published in 1965 by Gordon Moore (Co-Founder of Intel) o Despite difficulty in predicting the future of technology due to new innovation (iPo
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