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Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B

Chapter one information system and you What is an information system?  An information system (IS) is a group of components that interact to produce information.  Five components  Hardware  Ex: the computer, storage disk 储存盘, keyboard, and monitors  Software  Ex: Microsoft Word, or some other word-processing program  Data  Ex: the words, sentences, and paragraphs  Procedures  The methods you use to start the program, enter your report, print it, and save and back up you file.  People  Not only the users of the system, but also those who operate and service the computers, those who maintain the data, and those who support the networks of computers.  These five component are all linked together through network.  Today, the term software is used more specifically, to refer only to programs (or applications).  Information system are not just computers and data, we just use information system to represent computer-based information system in this book. What is MIS?  MIS – management information system is the development and use of information systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives.  Three key elements:  Development and use  Information system  Business goals and objectives Development and use  Active role  Ensuring system meets your needs  Understand how the system evolved  Consider user’s needs during development  Learn how to use the system  Consider  Security  Backup 备份  Recovery 恢复 Achieving business goals  Business itself do not do any thing, it is people. IS existing to help people who work in a business achieve the goals and objectives of that business.  People perform the activities of a business  They design, produce, market, account  MIS empowers users to reach goals  Existing to assist in meeting the objectives of the business  Developed for the “right” reasons  Learn to ask, “ all this technologies may be great in and of itself, but what will it do for us? What will it do for our business and our particular goals? Is it worth the investment? MIS development  What will the system do?  What is the purpose?  What will it enable us to do?  What goal do we accomplish by using it?  Will it aid us in reaching our objective? Information technology VS information systems  Information system (IS): system of hardware, software, data, procedures, and people that produce information  Information technology (IT) refers to methods, inventions, standards, and products. IT refers to raw technology 原料技术, and it concerns only the hardware, software, and data components of an information system and how these are networked together.  It alone will not help an organization achieve goals  IS includes people in the equation  This impacts how a system is designed & implemented  IT must be embedded into an IS to help accomplish objectives  Technology must be combined with people and procedure components  IS will make IT useful  Successful business takes advan
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