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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Productivity, Innovation, Strategy

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Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B
Shauna Burke

3: Productivity, Innovation, Strategy 1 Why Should I CareAbout Productivity & Innovation? • productivity: ratio of the Canadian GDP over total paid hours worked • Canada: 1950-1975- 4% growth, 1975-2000: 1.6%, 2000- weaker; ranked 16th; 80% of US level; 14th in innovative capability • to increase productivity: innovation, competition, machinery & equipment in ICT sector • productivity paradox: past 25 years; how IT adds to productivity; how it can be used to increase business value measurement error- reason for lack of productivity from IT • • 3 ways value of IT can be realized: 1.productivity: ex. small firm - > add more customers, automate basic tasks, up-to-date info 2.structure of competition: ex. Netflix - > decrease video rental store use 3.benefits to end customer: ex. sales/services shown online Business Technology Management & How It Is Related to Productivity & Innovation: • technologies that enhance individual & organizational productivity across industries • “invisible” b/c does not not produce as much “direct” output (i.e. forestry, mining) • today’s ICT sector: technological & traditional business skills document: Canada’s DigitalAdvantage: Strategies for Sustainable Prosperity • • Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills: founded by Bell Canada (2007) - > Business Technology Management - > Skills Framework for InformationAge • uni courses for BTM: business & technical training, financial accounting, system analysis & design, project management, IT infrastructure, etc. How Do Information Systems Improve Productivity? • efficiency: business processes accomplished either more quickly or w/ fewer resources/facilities (or both); ‘doing things right’ • effectiveness: company offers either new or improved goods/services the customer values; ‘doing right things’ • value chain: network of activities that improve effectiveness/value of good/service 3: Productivity, Innovation, Strategy 2 • ex. rubber from Vietnam - > tire company orders - > goes through processes to make tires effective; value of rubber increases (upstream) margin: diff b/w price customer is willing to pay & cost company incurs in moving • goods/services through value chain; higher margin=higher profit • support activities: support primary activities; indirect; ex. payroll
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