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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

Chapter 1 - Information Systems and You ­ system: group of components that interact to achieve some purpose ­ information system (IS): group of components that interact to produce information ­ 5 component framework: hardware, software, data, procedures, people; present in every IS ­ software: refers to programs or applications ­ people are the most critical part of an IS ­ computer based info system: info system that includes a computer Management Information Systems (MIS) ­ Development and use of info systems that help businesses achieve goals and objectives ­ 3 key points: 1. Development and use of info systems 2. Information Systems 3. Achieving Business Goals and Objectives Information Technology (IT): methods, inventions, standards and products ­ Raw technology - concerns only hardware, software, and data component of info system & how they connect ­ IT must be embedded into IS – tech within hardware, software and data combined with people and procedure components in order to be useful ­ Know the diff between IT and IS! (real diff is that IS includes people) Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Sector ­ Provides products and services that other industries rely on to get work done ­ Industry Canada  collects info about sectors ­ Includes o companies involved in software and computer services o cable and other program distributors o telecomm services o ICT manufacturing o wholesaling ­ Employment gains occurred in software and comp service industries  software publishers, biz communication services, data processing, comp system design ­ ICT manufacturing declining ­ More jobs in service industries  don’t produce goods, just supply services to improve biz processes o Service companies help other companies more effectively use info systems ­ Companies that make software realize revenue based on services ­ Delivery of services (where people serve other businesses) growing area of employment ­ IS is important, growing area of employment. Good pay, but kwldge-intensive ­ Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada (ICTC) reports ICT Labour Market  needs individuals with skills include: o 1. Technical Skills o 2. Specific Technology and Industry Experience o 3. Satisfactory Communications and other Business Skills ­ ICT User Industries: o All industries other than thos
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