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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Understanding the IT Department Operations and Projects.docx

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Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

CHAPTER TENUNDERSTANDING THE IT DEPARTMENT OPERATIONS AND PROJECTSQ1 WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE IT DEPARTMENT1 Need to understand the responsibilities and duties of the dept to be more effectiveunderstand how to obtain equipment services systems you need2 To be a more effective managerexecutiveex Signing mergeracquisitionhow will you merge the 2 IT architectures togetherQ2 WHAT SHOULD YOU KNOW ABOUT IT OPERATIONS AND IT PROJECTS2 basic activities required to provide IT services1 Maintaining current IT infrastructureoIT operations delivery of service maintenance protection and mgmt of IT infrastructurelarge portion of IT dept operational budgetoIT people who want to work in operations often want to specialize in particular technologies oContinually seek ways to improve the projects2 Renewing and adapting the infrastructure to keep IT working effectively in the future oIT projects renewal and adaptation of IT infrastructure which is accomplished through projects oProjects are temporary and change existing infrastructureInformation technology infrastructure library ITIL well recognized collection of books that provide a framework of best practice approaches to IT operationsoOffers a large set of mgmt procedures that are designed to help businesses achieve value from IT operationsoDeveloped in 1980s Project management body of knowledge PMBOK developed by the Project Management Instituteprovides project managers sponsors and team leaders warray of accepted project management techniques and practicesOperations and IT rely on each other for successprojects come to an end and must be maintained infrastructure must eventually be replaced fig 101What About the Webweb is important for delivering IT services to internal ees and external customersIT depts Use the web as a first step in many internal service requestsIT dept develops intranet website with FAQs web based forms for requesting services and web based apps Responsible for maintaining info about IT services on siteDept supports company site itselfmakes sure servers and apps that provide website are running Q3 WHAT ARE THE IT DEPARTMENTS RESPONSIBILITIESIT dept has 2 basic functions1 Managing the IT infrastructure to provide IT services which requiresoa managing and protecting the ITob managing and protecting the data resourceoc managing and protecting the system applications2 Developing and adapting IS and IT infrastructureManaging Information Technology InfrastructureIT depts Exist to facilitate business processes and improve decision making within orgResponsible for aligning activities and services with primary goals and objectives of the orgAs new tech emergesdept is responsible for assessing tech and determining whether it can be used to advance orgs goals As business changesIT dept needs to adapt infrastructure and systems to new business goals
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