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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Information Systems and You.docx

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Computer Science
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Computer Science 1032A/B

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Chapter 1Information Systems and Yousystem group of components that interact to achieve some purpose information system IS group of components that interact to produce information 5 component framework hardware software data procedures people present in every ISsoftware refers to programs or applicationspeople are the most critical part of an IScomputer based info system info system that includes a computerManagement Information Systems MISDevelopment and use of info systems that help businesses achieve goals and objectives 3 key points 1Development and use of info systems2Information Systems3Achieving Business Goals and Objectives Information Technology IT methods inventions standards and products Raw technologyconcerns only hardware software and data component of info systemhow they connectIT must be embedded into IStech within hardware software and data combined with people and procedure components in order to be usefulKnowthediffbetweenITandISrealdiffisthatISincludespeopleInformation and Communications Technologies ICT SectorProvides products and services that other industries rely on to get work done
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