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Computer Science
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Chapter 1Information Systems and YouQ1 What is an information system Information systemgroup of components that interact to produce information not all the information system require computerization Ex a public library organized by using the Dewey Decimal Systema calendar posted outside a conference room that is used to organize bookings information systemnot computerized but now describe a computerized information system simply an information system a single person using a smartphone to find out when next bus arrives from the simplest a hightechnology Customer Relationship Management CRM system that to predict customer behaviorsto the most complicatedall comprises five component frameworkcomputer hardware software data procedurespeoplethese 5 components are often linked together through networks that leverage the power of connectivity to tie software hardware and data together to make information more accessible and powerfuleg Social network ex Facebook Linkdingroup buying systemexLivingSocialGroupon use the Internet to decrease the effects of distanceto allow people to remain connected and interact in new ways Hardwarerefer to electronic components and associated gadgetry that constitute acomputer systemex personal computera tablet smartphone Note not refer to all of the tangible physical aspects of a computer system ex CDs other media Software refer only to programs application that runoperate on computer systemex factsobservation ex students identification Data the basic building base of informationnumbersenrollment datesanswer to the test question Procedures the instructions processes that you follow to achieve your desired objectiveexhow you login onaccessthe system you savesubmit your work formal documented policies that are extensive and written downinformal instructions that are less detailed People actors who want to achieve a particular outcome by interacting with systemeg the support system that your university college uses to support active learning people are often the most critical part of an information systemQ2 What is MISManagementinformationsystemMISThe development and use of information systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectivesElements1Development and use2Information systems3Business goals and objectivesDevelopment and use of information system information system are designedcreated by business analysts and system designers at the request of the senior managersentrepreneurs to solve a particular problemmeet a perceived need To have your information system that meets your needs you need to take an active role in that systems developmentUnderstand how they are constructed Consider the users needs during developmentLearn how to employ the system to accomplish your goalsTake into account other important functionsSecurity be responsible for protecting the security of the system and its data Backup you may need to back up data to protect yourself from losing important informationRecovery when system fails you will have tasks to perform while the system is down helping restore the system as soon as possibleMISempowersuserstoreachgoalsAchieving Business goals and objectives there are many important implications to this statement allorganizationbusiness1 informationsystemcanbefoundinalmosteverytypesofenterprisesocialorganizationsnonprofitorganizationingovernmentofalllevels2OrganizationsthemselvesdontdoanythingitisthepeoplewithinanorganizationbusinesstosellbuydesignproducefinanceaccountMISaidsbusinessesinachievingobjectives Organizations are requiring and developing informationASK QUESTIONsystem for wrong reasonsWhatwillasystemdoforyouWhatisthepurposesomeeveryotherbusinesshasoneWhatwillusingitenableustodoconvincedbyasoftwarevendorssalesteamoraarticlemustWhatgoalcanweaccomplishthroughitsuseupgradeWillitaidusinreachingourobjectives Need to be developed for right reason you need to learnto look at information sustemstechonologies only though the lens of organizational need Q3 How does IS differ from IT Information system ISasystemofhardwaresoftwaredataproceduresandpeoplethatproducesinformationnformation technology IT I Methods inventions standardsraw technologyconcerns only the HardwareSoftware Data components of an information system how these are connected together IT alone will not help an organization achieve goals It is only when IT must be embedded into an IS to help accomplish objectivesTechnology must be combined with people and procedure components People the real difference between ISITthis impacts how a system is designedimplementedIS will make IT useful Successful business people take advantage of crucial differences between IT and IS to improve their systemsQ4 How Important are information systems to our economy The Information and Communications Technology ICT sectorit provides productsservices that other industries ex retailmanufacturing insurance industriesrely on to get their work doneactually is a hidden industryincludes companies involved in software and computer servicescable and other program distributors telecommunications servicesICT manufacturingICT wholesaling 2011include32000companies97companieshad100employeesOnly100companieshad500employeesin2010ICTsectorcollected210162billioninrevenue53oftheCanadianeconomicoutputsince2002averageannualgrowth38twiceashighastheoveralleconomy18ICTsectorhasaccountedfor95ofCanadasGDPgrowthsince2002thetotalnumberofworkersintheICTsectorin2010562269mostofjobssoftwarecomputerservicesindustriesBythecontractemploymentintheICTmanufacturingindustrieshaddeclinedby17000workerssince2007morejobsinthefutureserviceindustriesmuchofrevenuesbasedonservice
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