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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

Computer Science Final Exam Notes Chapter 7 Calculation Systems - Relieve workers of tedious tasks - First systems computed payroll, wrote paycheques, balanced accounting records, applied debits and credits to general ledger - Kept record of inventory quantities (verified every quarter with physical count) - Labor saving devices but produced little info – don’t exist today Functional Systems - 2 era: facilitated work of single department or function - Grew as natural expansion: ex: payroll became HR, general ledger became financial reporting, inventory became operations or manufacturing - Companies added features and capabilities to ISs to support more functional activity - Problem with functional systems is their isolation - Functional systems sometimes called islands of automation because they work independent of each other - Decisions based solely on one function may cause future inefficiencies Integrated, Cross-Functional Systems - Isolation problem led to 3 era of ISs - Systems designed to integrate activities of entire business process - Also referred to as: cross-departmental or cross-functional systems o Because they support complete business process also called process-based systems - Difficult transition from functional to integrated systems because: o No clear line of authority, peer competition can be fierce, interdepartmental rivalries can subvert developme
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