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Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

CHAPTER 5 Q1. What Is Content - Content is property - Content is often closely Intellectual Property which is form of creative endeabour that can be protected through a trademark, patent, copyright, industrial design, or integrated cirbuit topography - Ex. of content; picture, commercials, text used to promote ideas about a good - The management of content is an important challenge. Challenge today is not simply in collecting and distributing content but also in presenting in appropriately for people - Internet has become important to organizations in representing their content Q2. How Can Content Be Organized? - The challenge in content management is processing and storing the right content and then getting the right content to the right person in the right format the right time - The management of many types of data has traditionally been handled through organizational Database Management Systems (DBMS) - Content Management Systems (CMS) is an information system that tracks organizational documents, web pages, graphics and related materials - The web CMS enables a company to standardize the look and feel of a website and control info available for customers and employees. Q3. What IS the Purpose of a Database? - Purpose of a database is to keep track of things - Lists that involve a single theme can be stored in a spreadsheet; lists that involve multiple themes require a database Q4. What Does a Database Contain? - Database is a self describing collection of integrated records - Byte is a character of data - Bytes are grouped into Columns, such as Student Number and Student Name - Columns are also called Fields - Columns or fields, in turn, are grouped into rows, which are also called records -Agroup of similar rows or records is called a table or a file Relationships among Records - A key is a column or groups of columns that identifies a unique row in a table -AForeign Key is a column or group of columns used to represent relationships. - Relational Database is a database that carries its data in the form of tables and that represents relationships using foreign keys - The term relational is used because another, more formal name for a table is relation Metabase - Database is a self describing collection of integrated records - Metabase are data that describe data - The format of metabase depends on the software product that is processing database Q5. What is a DBMS, and What Does It do? - Database Application System is applications that make database data more accessible and useful - Database Application that consists of forms, formatted reports, queries and application programs are employed by users The Database Management System - Database Management System (DBMS) is a program used to create, process and administer a database. - Popular DBMS products are DB2,Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL - DBMS is a software program; database is a collection of data 1. Database de
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