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Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

CHAPTER 9 Q1. What Is the Relationship between Organizational Strategy and IT Planning? - Given the industry structure, one could develop a competitive strategy for the organization. - IS that a company chooses to use should support the competitive strategy of the company. Q2. What Is ITArchitecture - IT architecture is the basis framework for all the computers, systems and information management that support organizational services - EnterpriseArchitect manages the company’s complex IS - Job of the Enterprise Architect is to create a blueprint of an organization’s IS and management of these systems - In developing the architecture, the enterprise architect usually considers organizational objectives, business processes, databases, info flows, OS, applications and software, and supporting tech - Since development of IT architecture is complex, it’s often helpful to use a method that organizes development - Zachman Framework divides systems into two dimensions; one is based on six reasons for communication (what-data, how-function, where-network, who-people, when-time, why- motivation) and the other is based on stakeholder groups (Planner, Owner Designer, Builder, Implementer, and Worker) - The intersection of the two dimensions helps provide a relatively holistic view of enterprise Q3. What Is Alignment, Why Is It Important and Why Is It Difficult? - The process of matching organizational objectives with IT architecture is often referred to as alignment - Alignment should be viewed as an ongoing process. Fitting IT architecture to business objectives is challenge that continually evolves - Alignment depends on business goals, the organizational context and the state of IT architecture in an organization - Supporting objectives with appropriate IT investments remains critical part of IT managent. - Communication between business and IT execs is the most important indicator of alignment - Shared knowledge and frustration between IT department and biz functions can become a source of competitive advantage for firms. >> Firms are better able to align IT investment with objectives Q4. What Is Information Systems Governance - Governance is using a committee to decide on expectations for performance, to authorize appropriate resources and power to meet expectations and perhaps eventually to verify whether expectations have been met - Goal of IS governance is to improve benefits of an organization’s IT investment over time - Reporting structures and review processes can be established and can work to improve quality, reduce service costs and delivery time, reduce
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