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Chapter 10


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Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B
Diane Goldstein

CHAPTER 10 Q1. Why Do You Need to Know about the IT Department - You need to know about the IT department for 2 principal reasons; 1. You need to understand the responsibilities and duties of the IT department so that you can be an effective consumer of its resources 2. You need to know about the functions of the IT department to be a better informed and effective manger or executive - Marrying the IT architecture of two organizations requires extensive planning Q2. What Should You Know about IT Operations and IT Projects - The IT department is responsible for providing IT services to the organization - There are two basic activities required to provide these services; 1. Maintaining current information technology infrastructure 2. Renewing and adapting the infrastructure to keep IT working effectively - The delivery of service, maintenance, protection and management of IT infrastructure is often accomplished as part of IT operations - Stability, predictability, accountability, reliability and security are the key words in IT Operations >> IT people who work in operations are specialists - The renewal and adaptation of IT infrastructure is normally accomplished through projects. - IT projects are projects of all shapes and sizes that renew and adapt IT infrastructure - Since large IT projects are often funded outside of the IT department, IT projects often provide more opportunities for contact with project stakeholders in other departments - Within IT operations, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a well recognized collection of books providing a framework of best practice approaches to IT operations - Within IP projects, the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) developed by the project management institute provides project managers, sponsors and team leaders with a large array of accepted project management techniques and practices - Although operations and IT projects are separate fields, they naturally rely on each other for success What about the Web? - In many companies, the IT department has developed an intranet website with FAQs, web based forms for requesting services and some web based applications that help support tasks such as adding a new employee - Support for external customers such as FAQs, customer support information and company director and contact information is likely to be available on the company’s Internet site - The web plays an increasingly important role in the delivery of IT services in many organizations Q3. WhatAre the Responsibilities of the IT Department? Managing the Information Technology Infrastructure - The responsibility for managing the IT infrastructure and the services it provides is held in large organizations by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the MIS director. Managing and Protecting the IT - IT infrastructure must be operated and maintained - From time to time, networks and servers need to be adjusted or tuned to changes in the workload. - When components fial, IT department is called to repair the problem - IS personnel are particularly sensitive to possible threats to IT Managing and Protecting the Data Resource - The IT department is also responsible for protecting data from threats - Threats to data arise from three sources: human error and mistakes, malicious human activity and natural events and distasters - IT department needs
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