Computer Science 1033A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Raster Graphics, Vector Graphics, Digital Image

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COMPSCI 1033A Textbook Notes/Summary: Graphics I
What Are Graphics?
- Graphics: any combination of artwork, diagrams, imagery, text, or inscriptions
i. May be hand-drawn, written, computer generated, or a combination of them all
- We see graphics every day without noticing it
i. Designs on food packaging, street signs, advertisements, smartphones,
computers, etc. are all forms of graphics
- Graphics are arguably the oldest form of media, dating back to the prehistoric era where
cavemen/women drew symbols to document their life stories & communicate it with
- Graphics are still as important in communication today as they were back then
Basics of Graphics
- Graphics are usually stored as a grid of tiny, colored cells called pixels
- Pixels: smallest, most basic unit of programable color for a digital image or graphic that
can be displayed on a digital device
i. Each pixel contains exactly one color
ii. ie: colored pegs being placed in a pegboard with only one peg being placed in
each hole on the board
iii. Pixel-based graphics are the only format used for digital photographs
- The most common format for other computer graphics are called bitmap graphics or
raster graphics
i. Bitmap/raster graphics: all pixels are assigned their own, individual color & then
arranged in a dot matrix data structure to form an image, generally in a
rectangular grid of pixels
- When you zoom in on
bitmapped graphics, you are
able to see all the individual
pixels as little colored squares
as enlarging the image
degrades the quality
i. In the image shown, you
can see the pixels as
tiny colored squares
because enlarging the
image allows for the
make-up of the image to
be shown
- The other kind of graphics that are used today are called vector graphics these types
of graphics can only be created through special computer programs/applications
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