Computer Science 1033A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Arpanet, Post Office Protocol, Darpa

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COMPSCI 1033A Textbook Notes/Summary: Understanding Computers
Communications on the Internet
- Internet has introduced several new forms of communication, all of which are superior to
their offline counterparts
i. Benefits may include: cheapness, widespread audience, quickness, ease of use
What is the Internet
- Computer network: system of connected computers or devices over a geographical area
ranging from a single room to an entire nation
i. Can be networked with or without wire or cable connections (to share & transmit
data with one another)
ii. Internet: global computer network providing a variety of information &
communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using
standardizing communication protocols
- The WWW is usually confused with the Internet, but they are 2 different systems, but
they function
i. WWW wouldn’t exist without the internet because it requires an underlying
network (allows for communication between the website & its viewers)
Internet Protocols
1. Development of the Internet
- First major computer network was designed by the US Department of Defense research
agency, Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), hence why they named it
i. Began around 1970, allowed govt researchers to share resources & send
messages from different distances small & closed network, reserved strictly
for military & govt research but ended up opening a pathway for larger computer
- Less than 15 yrs later, the ARPANET was converted to the internet
i. There was a need to standardize it so that online communications would be
smooth regardless of location
a. Sending machine & receiving machine had to be on the same page to make
sure that nothing would be lost during transmission a standard protocol
was established called TCP/IP (TCP stands for Transmission Control
Protocol & IP stands for Internet Protocol) they are used simultaneously in
the transmission of data
2. IP Address
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