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Comparative Literature and Culture
Comparative Literature and Culture 2125A/B
Andrea Allen

THE FEMALE EUNICH – GERMAINE GREER  The little girl is not encouraged to explore her own genitals or to identify the tissues of which they are composed, or to understand the mechanism of lubrication and erection  Female orgasm has become more and more of a mystery at the same time as it has been exalted as a duty  Part of the modesty about the female genitalia stems from actual distaste  The vagina was classified as sensitive enough which is an exact description  The notion that healthy and well-adjusted women would have orgasms originating in the vagina was a metaphysical interpolation in the empirical observations of these pioneers  Lovemaking has become another male skill, of which women are the judges  Women will have to accept part of the responsibility of their own and their partners’ enjoyment and this involves a measure of control and conscious cooperation  The banishment of the fantasy of the vaginal orgasm is ultimately a service  Not all the women in history have been humble and subservient to such an extent. It is nonsense to say that a woman feels nothing when a man is moving his penis in her vagina  The implication that there is a statistically ideal fuck which will always result in satisfaction if the right procedures are followed is depressing and misleading  Real gratification is not enshrined in a tiny cluster of nerves but in the sexual the involvement of the cluster of nerves but in the sexual involvement of the whole person. Women’s continued high enjoyment of sex, which continues after orgasm  The organization of sexuality reflects the basic features of the performance principle and its organization of society  The temporal reduction of the libido is thus supplemented by its spatial reduction  If women find that the clitoris has become the only site of their pleasure instead of acting as a kind of sexual overdrive in a more general response, they will find themselves dominated by the performance ethics, which would not itself be a regression, if the performance principle in our
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