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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Textbook Notes

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Economics 1021A/B
Michael Parkin

cnnf - ,f f O ^UWWZY[^ ^UWYS\SY[bW^ZWZ`^WYa S`[Z`S`S W_` WYS `[US^YWS\^UW YW^`SZS_\WUXWV WbW 4 WWXXWU`_VW\WZV[ZcW`W^SUW ZY_\[_WVS`S WbW ST[bW[^TW [c`W W]a T^a\^UW 4 \^UW_W`b`WW]a T^a\^UWS_Z[WXXWU` r WUSa_W`W\^UWUW ZYV[W_Z`U[Z_`^SZ`WS^ W`X[^UW_ r WX[^UW[X ScSZV`WS^ W`X[^UW_S^WZ[`ZU[ZX U` 4 \^UWUW ZY_W`TW [c`WW]a T^a\^UWS_\[cW^Xa WXXWU`_[ZSS^ W` r WUSa_W`W\^UWUW ZYS``W\`_`[\^WbWZ``W\^UWX^[^WYa S`ZY`W ]aSZ``W_VWSZVWVSZV_a\\ WV r S^ W`X[^UW_SZV`WX[^UW[X ScS^WZU[ZX U` 4 WZS\^UWUW ZY_S\\ WV`[S[a_ZYS^ W``_US WVS^WZ`UWZY r ^WZ`UW ZY_W`TW [c`WW]a T^a^WZ`U^WS`W_ O [a_ZY_[^`SYW O ZU^WS_WV_WS^USU`b` O T SU S^ W` f O ZS[a_ZYS^ W`cWZ`W^WZ`_S``WW]a T^a WbW `W]aSZ``[X[a_ZY _a\\ WVW]aS _`W]aSZ``[X[a_ZYVWSZVWVSZV`W^W_ZW`W^S_[^`SYW[^ _a^\ a_[X[a_ZY O WZ`W^WZ`_TW [c`WW]a T^a WbW `W]aSZ``VWSZVWVWUWWV_`W]aSZ`` _a\\ WV`W^WX[^W_[^`SYW 4 WZ`W^W_S_[^`SYW`W]aSZ``SbS ST W_`W]aSZ``_a\\ WVSZV _[W[c`_]aSZ``a_`TWS [US`WVS[ZY`WX^a_`^S`WVVWSZVW^_ 4 ZWcSZcU`_S [US`[Z[UUa^__`^[aYZU^WS_WV_WS^USU`b` n f fnn O WS^U SU`b``W`W_\WZ` [[ ZYX[^_[W[ZWc`c[`[V[Ta_ZW__ O Z`W[a_ZYS^ W`\W[\ W_\WZVS [ZY`WUWU ZY`WS `W^ZS`bW_TWX[^WS ZY SVWU_[Z O WZS\^UW_^WYa S`WVSZV`W^W_S_[^`SYW_WS^USU`b`ZU^WS_W_ O W[\\[^`aZ`U[_`[XSY[[V_W]aS `[Z[`[Z `_\^UWTS _[`[`WbS aW[X`W _WS^U`W_\WZ`XZVZY`WY[[V O ^WZ`UW ZYU[Z`^[ _[Z `W^WZ`\[^`[Z[X`WU[_`[X[a_ZY O WU[_`[XZU^WS_WV_WS^USU`b`Y`WZVa\S ZY`WXa U[_`[X[a_ZYY `SZ`c[a VTWc`[a`S^WZ`UW ZY fn,f O SUS^W`SZ WYS S^ W`ZcU`WW]a T^a\^UWWUWWV_`W\^UWUW ZY O UUa^Z^WZ`U[Z`^[ WV[a_ZYSZVSZ[`W^S^ W`_ O Y_US \W^_^aZT SU S^ W`_Z^U W`_X[^TY_\[^`ZYWbWZ`_SZVU[ZUW^`_ O WZS^WZ`UW ZY_ZX[^UWX^a_`^S`WV^WZ`W^_SZV SZV [^V_U[Z_`SZ` _WW cS_[X ZU^WS_ZY^WZ` 4 ZWcS_X[^`WZWc`WZSZ``[\SSY\^UWX[^c[^` W__X``ZY__aUS_ US^YZYX[^`^WSVTS^WV^S\W_ 4 Z[`W^cS_X[^`WZSZ`_`[\SSZW[^T`SZ`\^UWX[^ZWc [U _SZV W_ US WV! W[ZW" O W WbW [XST SU S^ W`^WZ`VW\WZV_[Z[c`Y` `W^WZ`UW ZY_WZX[^UWV 4 [[_WWZX[^UWWZ`T SU S^ W`^WZ`_U [_W`[`WaZ^WYa S`WV^WZ` 4 `^U`WZX[^UWWZ`T SU S^ W`^WZ`_W]aS `[`WSa\^UW`S`S^WZ`W^ _c ZY`[\S n nf O ^WZ`UW ZY_W`TW [c`WW]a T^a^WZ`^W_a `_ZSZZWXXUWZ`aZVW^\^[VaU`[Z[X [a_ZY_W^bUW_ O WS^YZS _[US TWZWX`WUWWV_`WS^YZS _[US U[_`SZVSVWSVcWY` [___^Z _ `W\^[VaUW^_a^\ a_SZVU[Z_aW^_a^\ a_ f O UU[^VZY`[`WXS^^a W_bWcSZ`ZY`S`T [U _b[ aZ`S^WUSZYW_aZXS^_[^WZ` UW ZY_S^WaZXS^ O UU[^VZY`[`WXS^^W_a `bWcSXS^[a`U[W_[ZW`S`TWZWX`_`W W__cW [XX UU[^VZY`[`_bWc`WXS^W_`[a`U[W_[ZW`S`S [US`W__US^UW[a_ZY`[`W \[[^W_`\W[\ W O [U ZY^WZ`SV#a_`WZ`_V[W_Z`W ZS`W_US^U` O WZ`W^WZ`_Z[`\W^``WV`[S [US`W_US^UW[a_ZYcS`[`W^WUSZ__S^W SbS ST WSZVS^W`WXS^$ 4 [``W^ [US`W_[_ZY`[`[_Wc[S^W aU Z[``[`[_Wc[S^W\[[^ 4 ^_`U[WX^_`_W^bWVS [US`W_[a_ZY`[`[_Wc[SbW`WY^WS`W_`X[^W_Y` SZVc[YW``W^ZSW_[ZS _`X^_`Z[``[`W\[[^W_` 4 _U^ZS`[ZS [US`W__US^UW[a_ZYTS_WV[Z`WbWc_SZV_W XZ`W^W_`[X`W [cZW^[X`W[a_ZY O Z\^ZU\ W_W XZ`W^W_`WV[cZW^_SZVTa^WSaU^S`_U[a VS [US`W[a_ZY`[_S`_X_[W U^`W^[Z[XXS^ZW__Ta``WS^WZ[` W `[V[_[f,f f,Jf O WZcSYW^S`W_S^W [c[^cWZ`WXS `[ WW\a\c`^_ZY\^UW_ ST[a^aZ[Z_ Y``a^Z`[Y[bW^ZWZ`_SZV [TTX[^SYW^cSYW^S`W O ^UWX[[^SY[bW^ZWZ`\[_WV^WYa S`[Z`S`S W_` WYS `[US^YWS\^UW [cW^ `SZS_\WUXWV WbW 4 S\^UWX [[^_W`TW [c`WW]a T^a\^UWS_Z[WXXWU` r TWUSa_W`W\^UWX [[^V[W_Z[`U[Z_`^SZ`WS^ W`X[^UW_ r X[^UW[X ScSZV`WS^ W`X[^UW_S^WZ[`ZU[ZX U` 4 S\^UWX [[^ST[bW`WW]a T^a\^UWS_\[cW^Xa WXXWU`_[ZSS^ W` r TWUSa_W\^UWX [[^S``W\`_`[\^WbWZ``W\^UWX^[^WYa S`ZY`W ]aSZ``W_VWSZVWVSZV_a\\ WV r X[^UW[X ScSZVS^ W`X[^UW_S^WZU[ZX U` O ZacSYWcWZS\^UWX [[^_S\\ WV`[S ST[a^S^ W` ,Jf D O cWZ`WcSYW^S`W_ST[bW`WW]a T^acSYW`W]aSZ``[X ST[a^_a\\ WVWUWWV_ `W]aSZ``[X ST[a^VWSZVWV_a^\ a_ O `WVWSZVX[^ ST[a^VW`W^ZW_`W WbW [XW\ [WZ`SZV`W_a^\ a_[X ST[a^_ aZW\ [WV n nf,Jf
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