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1-6 odyssey

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Tim De Jong

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Book 1-6 THE ODYSSEY OF HOMER Book 1-6 - odysseus is the only Greek hero that hasnt returned home after the war - a girl on the island Calypso refuses to let him leave because she is in love with him - meanwhile suitors are coming for Odysseus’ wife in order to claim his kingdom - his son thinks he is dead - athena believes Odysseus is still alive and tells and tries to get the suitors banished - His son holds a meeting where he speaks about the loss of his father and his fathers kingdom - says instead of trying to woe his mom that they should just ask her father for her hand in marriage - Penelope says she will marry another man once she finished the shroud made for her father in law but every night she unstitches it so that the shroud will never be finished - eagles warn the suitors that if they don’t back off they will be massacred - the suitors don’t listen - his son goes to sea to find him - his wife (sons mother) begs him not to go but he believes gods are on his side (athena disguised as his mentor) - son meet
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