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Week 8 - Lacan Textbook Notes

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English 2200F/G
Matthew Rowlinson

Week 8The Agency of the Letter in the UnconsciousJacques LacanFor Lacan there are 3 orders or dimensions in the psyche the Symbolic the Imaginary and the Real They are all equally important to the formation of subjectivity The Real refers to that which is authentic the unchangeable truth in reference both to beingthe Self and the external dimension of experience also referred to as the infinite and absoluteas opposed to a reality based on sense perception and the material orderThe Symbolic is the dimension of symbolization into which the human beings body to the extent that he or she begins to speak must translate itself The Symbolic is a structure of relations rather than things The Imaginary is the dimension of images conscious or unconscious perceived or imagined The essay describes the founding moment of the Imaginary the infants recognition of its image in the mirror The baby forgets how weak it is and identifies jubilantly with the wholeness of a reflected form The human self thus comes into being through a fundamentally aesthetic recognition Through an external medium a mirror the childs fragmented body is made whole the newly fashioned specular I precedes the social I It is one of Lacans most explicit
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