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Week 10 - Gilbert & Gubar, Mulvey, Sedgwick Textbook Notes

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English 2200F/G
Matthew Rowlinson

Week 10GilbertGubarThe Mad Woman in the AtticThis book encapsulates both the strengths and limitations of the first decade of secondthwave feminism early 20 c An outgrowth of the civil rights and student protest movements of the 1960s secondwave feminism has proved to be among the most durable of the sixties legacies The book develops the notion that women writers can be understood as a groupand understood as participating in quite a different literary subculture from that inhabited by male writers Gilbert and Gubar argue that the influential oedipal model to describe the relation of postEnlightenment male writers to each other does not fit the entirely different situation of women in a maledominated literary tradition The female anxiety of authorship described by Gilbert and Gubar was an isolation that felt like illness as women writers ththof the 18 and 19 centuries wielded their pens in defiance of the social injunction that writing was not womens work Gilbert and Gubar thus substitute the secret sisterhood of role models who show that women can write They also make evident the high costs women writers pay for success The madwoman in the attic stands for everything the woman writer must try to repressthough never with complete successin order to write books acceptable by m
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