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Week 11 - Foucault, Sedgwick, Butler

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Western University
English 2200F/G
Matthew Rowlinson

Week 11Michel FoucaultThe History of SexualityFoucault developed an influential account of the interconnections between power knowledge and the subject The insistence that power is productive underwrites Foucaults rejection of the repressive hypothesis in The History of Sexuality Power is traditionally seen as repressing behaviours that it finds unproductive threatening or otherwise undesirable Before an act is prohibited it is not singled out as something separate and identifiable or perhaps even desirable The enunciation of the category and the law both creates certain actions as crimes and affords them a heightened presence In keeping with his historical argument that modern power operates through continual classification surveillance and intervention Foucault goes further proposing that such power names actions as crimes and perversions precisely to increase its opportunities for intervention This is why he insists that modern society is in actual fact and directly perverse It produces the very desires and behaviours it claims to abhor relying largely on discourse Through language various bodies are assigned to various categories race gender IQ etc and various actions are designated in relation to norms as praiseworthy deviant punishable or criminal Power acts discursively to produce h
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