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Film 2200 screening: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

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Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E

Opening sequence  Red dresses singing at cabaret about men, men watching  Song “Little rock” Dressing room  Discussing a present Lorelei thinks she’s getting  A diamond ring “never be to big” “I meant your finger”  Dorothy set up as a sarcastic character  Fiancé (Gus) - Calls him “Mr Esmond”  Gus’ father wont let them marry  Kiss with sound effect and dizzying effect on him  Lorelei plans to go to France and make Gus follow her there and getting married where his father cannot reach him. Credits  Song “diamonds are a girls best friend” Getting on the boat to France  Women dressed extravagantly  Lorelei seen as stupid “Europe France” “ooo round windows!!”  Olympic team watches them and whistles, and Dorothy watches the Olympic team “just for me”  Women walk directly through the Olympic team with fiancé in tow Saying goodbye on the boat  Gus gives Lorelei a letter of credit for her trip to Paris and a bracelet  Dorothy throws a party in their room  Lorelei as stupid: Gus trying to talk to her and she’s bouncing on the bed  Pouty face calls him a “naughty boy”  Dorothy sings at the party  Song “bye bye baby”  Lorelei sings to Gus seductively – Dorothy watches with the party  Framing of the boat window with Dorothy in red  Wave goodbye to Gus Sitting on the boat  Lorelei looks at list with “and valet” next to their name. looking for “a suitable gentlemen escort for you”  Dorothy – “I like a man who can run faster than I can” some people just don’t care about money  A loveless marriage for Lorelei= someone worrying about money and has no time for being in love Swimming pool  Dorothy surrounded by men in tanned bathing suits (look naked)  Song “Aint there anyone here for love”  Men in tanned shorts exercising (dancing) around Dorothy  Stares at the muscle “honey you’ll hurt yourself”  Men are play-things to Dorothy “doesn’t anyone want to play?” Conversations with valet  Mad men – whisky is power  Man (Malone) pays valet to sit with the women  Lorelei wears a purple dress – royalty and power  Lorelei black mails the valet to sit with a rich man (Henry Spofford III) Meeting Sir Francis “Piggy” Beekman  Dorothy overhears old men talking about owning a diamond mine  Dorothy doesn’t want Lorelei to know about Beekman’s diamond mine  When Lorelei finds out she sees an animated diamond over his face – he is only diamonds to her  Flirts and dances with Piggy Malone and Dorothy  Malone (the man who paid to be seated with her) buys Dorothy a drink  Dorothy doesn’t like “the kind of man who thinks he has to tell a girl how much money he has”  Scene similar to Written on the Wind Meeting Lady Beekman  Lorelei fascinated with Lady Beekman’s jewelery (diamonds)  Wants to hold the tiara  Doesn’t believe it goes on her head  Lady Beekman takes the tiara back Dinner  Beckman watches the women come to dinner in ball gowns (Lorelei in orange, Dorothy in black)  Band distracted by the women  Lorelei arranges for them to sit next to Henry Spofford III  Malone sits next to Dorothy  Henry Spofford III turns out to be a little kid – Dorothy uses Lorelei’s “I expected you to look much older” line from earlier with Piggy. (tongue in cheek humor)  Boy says he “appreciates a good looking girl” Drinks with Malone  Malone jokes about gaining sympathy from woman. Lorelei doesn’t understand the joke  Dorothy and Malone walking outside while Lorelei and Beekman dance Photograph  Dorothy sees Malone taking pictures in a window  In the window Lorelei is flirting with Beekman “gee piggy” – acts stupid  Dorothy confronts Lorelei who says Beekman was hugging her “squeezing the goat” (Explaining what pythons do)  Dorothy figures out that Malone is a private detective hired by Mr. Esmond  Women decide they need to get the pictures back - Lorelei suggests charm but
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