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The Significance of the Film Image

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Western University
Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Peter Brunette

The Film Experience The Significance of the Film Image (122-133) 29 September 2011 - movie images have been valued for their beauty, realism, or ability to inspire wonder - skill and money play a factor in how the image appears - film images are prized bith for their accuracy in showing or presenting us with facts, as well as for how they interpret or represent those facts - a film image is designed to do both: - to realistically and reliably show, or present, the visual truth of the subject matter - represent it in order to obtain an emotional or intellectual response - the image as presentation reflects our beliet that film communicaties the details of the world realistically, even when showing us an unrealistic situations - image can also have the instrumental power to influence or even determine the meaning of the evnts or people it protrays by re-presenting reality through the interpretive power of cinematography - this is an exercise of the power of visual stimuli - we capture and contain a subject within a particular point of view that gives it defintion beyond its literal meaning - we identify the image and we then read it - the compostional pratices of the film image that we call the conventions of presence imply the following: - a close identification with the POV of the image - a response to the image that is primarily emotional - an experience of the image as if it was a lived reality - images can also engages us with characters - phenomenological image: refers to filmmaking styles that approx. the physical activity according to which we normally see the world and visually participate in it - phychological image: in contrast, creates images that
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