Foods and Nutrition 1021 Chapter 15: Chapter 15- Hunger and the Global Environment

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Foods and Nutrition
Foods and Nutrition 1021
Jennifer Broxterman

April 3, 2017 Chapter 15: Hunger and the Global Environment Food Security, Hunger, Famine, Food Poverty Terms: Food SecurityInsecurity o Food insecurity The condition of limited or uncertain access to food of sufficient quality or quantity to sustain a healthy, active life o Food security Reliable access to enough nutritious food at all times to sustain a healthy, active life Terms: Hunger o Hunger Lack or shortage of basic foods needed to provide energy nutrients that support health More common in developing countries Chronic, painful feeling when no food or too little food is available Causes PEM, IDA, severe VitMin deficiencies o Food shortage Hunger occurring when an area of the world lacks enough total food to feed its people Terms: famine o Famine Widespread extreme scarcity of food in an area that causes starvation death in a large portion of the population Most visible form of hunger o Causes of famine include Drought Floods and other natural disasters Pests Political social unrests (armed conflict) Racial discriminant Ethnic religious hatred Term: Food poverty o Food poverty Hunger occurring when enough food exists in an area but some people cannot obtain it because they lack the money, are being deprived for political reasons, live in a country at war, or suffer from other problems such as lack of transportation o Likelihood increases with: Alcohol drug abuse Mental or physical illness
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