Foods and Nutrition 1021 Chapter 10: Chapter 10- Nutrients, Physical Actvity, & the Body's Response

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Foods and Nutrition
Foods and Nutrition 1021
Jennifer Broxterman

January 30, 2017 Chapter 10: Nutrients, Physical Activity, the Bodys Responses Definition o Physical activity Bodily movement produced by muscle contractions that substantially increase energy expenditure Leads to physical adaptations of the body Helps improve flexibility, strength, endurance Physical activity statistics o Moderately physically active individuals live longer than the physically inactive o 50 Canadian adults are inactive o More women than men are physically inactive (5545) o Physical inactivity increases with age Benefits of Physical Activity More restful sleep o So body can repair muscles, build new tissues, dispose of wastes o This can vary with time of workout Better nutritional health o Often people want to make healthy choices to ensure best outcomes from physical activity o Ability to eat more calories and get more nutrients from food Improved body composition o Less body fat, more lean mass Improved bone density o Weightbearing PA builds bone strength Enhanced immunity o Likely to catch colds other infectious diseases Lower risk of some types of cancers o Especially colon, breath, and some other cancers Increased blood circulation lung function o Increased oxygen intake and CO2output; exercise heart and lungs Lower risks of CVD o Lowers blood pressure cholesterol, raises HDLC, reduces intraabdominal (visceral) fat stores, lowers resting heart rate Lower risk of type II diabetes o Normalizes glucose tolerance Reduced risk of gallbladder disease (in women) Lower incidence of anxiety depression o Improves mood; endorphin release; symptoms less severe
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