Foods and Nutrition 1021 Chapter 12: Chapter 12- Food Safety & Technology

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Foods and Nutrition
Foods and Nutrition 1021
Jennifer Broxterman

February 27, 2017 Chapter 12: Food Safety Technology Food Safety Guidelines in Canada Canadian agencies o Federal agencies regulate the safety of our food supply Heath Canada Canadian Food Inspection Agency Agriculture and ArgiFood Canada (AAFC) Sustainable Development, Agriculture and ArgiFood Canada Environment Canada o Foodbourne Illness Outbreak Response Protocol For national emergency preparedness precipitated by the events of 911 SARS; to counter food bioterrorism HACCP o Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Used to elevate control the entire foodhandling process Focus on the hazards which may endanger the safety quality of foods Health inspectors conducted by the Public Health verify HACCP steps have been followed o Hazard certified Documentation that the 7 steps of HACCP have been followed o 7 Steps in the HACCP system 1. Assess hazards (biological, chemical, physical) 2. Identify critical control point (CCP) 3. Set up control procedures standards for CCPs 4. Monitor CCPs 5. Take corrective action 6. Set up a record keeping system 7. Verify the system is working Food Bourne Illness Definitions o Safety The practical certainty that injury will not result from the use of a substance o Hazard A state of danger, used to refer to any circumstance in which harm is possible under normal conditions of use o FoodBourne infection Results when bacteria in food become numerous in food consumed; may continue to grow in intestines and infect tissues of the body E.g. Salmonella, E. Coli
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