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Foods and Nutrition
Foods and Nutrition 1021

NAME: Autumn Prestwich ASSIGNMENT # 1 (walk a mile in someone else’s shoes) ASSIGNMENT WORKSHEET PART 1 Write down everything you eat or drink (using the template below) for the 3 days you follow your chosen diet. (3 marks) DAY 1: October 1 , 2012 Serving Size Details of foods & beverages consumed TIME (quantity eaten) (Be as specific as possible) -1 bagel Dempsters whole-grain bagel 9:53am -1 tablespoon - Kraft peanut butter -1 tablespoon - Smuckers strawberry jam 9:53am -1 cup Minute maid Orange juice 12:30pm -1 small bowl Campbell’s tomato soup 12:30pm -6 crackers Triscuit crackers 12:30pm -I cup Water - 2 servings of Stir-fry vegetables -mushrooms, onions, green peppers, broccoli, carrots 5:38pm - 1 serving of tofu -Farmsoy tofu - 1 cup of rice - Minute rice 3:40pm -12 almonds Almonds 8:40pm -5 tablespoons Fontaine Santé red pepper hummus 8:40pm -10 pita bites Sensible Potions pita bites 8:40pm -3 teaspoons Tetley tea - Sugar nd DAY 2: October 2 , 2012 Serving Size Details of foods & beverages consumed TIME (Be as specific as possible) (quantity eaten) -1.5 cups Cheerio’s 8:12am -1 cup - soymilk - 1 tablespoon Salad 11:50am -1 serving of -fat-free ranch dressing vegetables -carrots, peppers, cucumbers, onion, celery 11:50am -1 cup Orange juice 4:05pm -26 chips Plain Ruffles chips 6:26pm -1 chicken breast Blue Menu vegetarian chicken breast NAME: Autumn Prestwich 6:26pm -1 cup Cranberry juice 6:26pm -1 cup Minute rice 6:26pm -1 serving Broccoli Fruit salad 9:30pm - 2 servings of fruit - grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon Tea 9:35pm -3 teaspoons -sugar -1 teaspoon - honey DAY 3: October 3 , 2012 Details of foods & beverages consumed TIME Serving Size (Be as specific as possible) (quantity eaten) Quaker plain oatmeal 8:45am - 1 bowl -brown sugar Fruit salad 8:45am - 2 servings of fruit -grapes, pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe 8:45 am - 1 cup Minute maid orange juice 11:16am -10 pieces M&M’s 12:25pm -7 crisps No Name soy crisps -1 bun Vegetable sandwich - 1 serving of 1:30pm vegetables -whole-wheat bun - 1 teaspoon -cucumber, lettuce, tomato, pickles -mayonnaise and mustard 1:30pm -1 can Pepsi - 1 cup of pasta - half a serving of Spaghetti 5:45pm -marinara sauce vegetables -mushrooms, peppers - 5:45pm -1 cup Concentrate a
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