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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Book Notes

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Geography 1400F/G
Godwin Arku

[email protected]@ P 9 ffn nf f fffnffn 4 Jffnfff nnfffff ff J9f P Df ffff P ffffnf fn P f!ff"#f f %- P ff(f fnnfffffn P ,fff )f"#ff" f P 9nfffffff *nffffff f f P fffffn P ffnfffff +"!f, P ffnffnfff.ff -fD.".ffff 4 @ff/[email protected])f f A fffnnf)f(f f 4 @.f/nfnfnff nfff9f,f.4f,ff f,ff @fffnn")f(f f 4 (f f P n ff fff(fn P -n f fnn/nnnf f-ffnnfffffn -ff-nf 4 -nf*#)5(ffn P ffff 4 Jffnnfffnf ffnnnfnfff n 4 ffnf+%#+% 4 f f fJ, 9f P @ fn ff f/fff nffffnffn nnf P 9 fJ*f f ffff nn P JJnJnfff*f ff ffff ff nf 4 f!fffffff P Ifnff fffff fn ff!nf nff " P 9nfJff ff fffff *f*fnff 4 fnffffff f!fnfnff fnffn(n f P f nfnfnfnf fff fnf P n fJ*nnfnf nfnff ffnfn f 4 ffffffn P JfJ f fff"fff f P DfJ f f fff"fff ff P nnf fnnf ff(ff n P f 4 fffnf fnnff f f!ff A nnfnnfn nnfn f f 4 -nnf nnf!fn nnf fnf 4 fnffn fffnfff f fn A fnn 4 fnf !fnfnf n ffn fnfnffnf .9f P fn!nnnnffff ff P ffff fnnnffnnP f 4 J f !ff f 4 7 nff ffff *nff 4 ffnn ff*n f nff/*nff ff ffn 4 f#f fn A nnffff4fnf fffnfff ff 4 ff+fn A f/ f/nfnf0ff ff-8fff A fffnfff A nnfnffnf/ 4 fnf ffn f A ffnf, fnf nn!f f P f 4 @f f @ !ffnff f nff 4 @
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