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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Summary and Definitions Human Geography

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Geography 1400F/G
Godwin Arku

A Chapter Two The World in Spatial TermsGeographic Research and Maps The research process is generally characterized by four main steps and five common purposes To be rigorous researchers use a mix of data resources primary and or secondary quantitative and or qualitative and forms of analysis The census of Canada is a very reliable secondary source of data and is valuable because data can be tracked over space and time through a range of geographic scales maps are an important source of geographic data and a way to present results All maps are an imperfect rendering of the three dimensional earth and its parts on a two dimensional surface In that rendering some or all of the characteristics of the global grid are distorted but convenience and data manageability are gained Spatial information may be depicted in a number of ways each designed to simplify and clarify the infinite complexity of the real world GIS allows for the creation storage analysis and visualization of data in both two and three dimensions and is emerging as a technique all geographers should have some familiarity with GIS is becoming increasingly more accessible to the general public Geographers use verbal and mathematical models for the same purpose to abstract and analyzeDefinitions Azimuthal Projectiona map projection employing a plane as the presumed developable surface Conformal Projectiona map projection that retains correct shapes of small areas lines of latitude and longitude cross at right angles and the scale is the same in all directions at any point on the map Conic Projectiona map projection employing a cone placed tangent or secant to the globe as the presumed developable surface Cylindrical Projectiona map projection employing a cylinder wrapped around the globe as the presumed developable surface Deductive Researchcommonly referred to as the scientific approach one starts with a model forms a hypothesis gathers
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