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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Summary Human Geography

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Western University
Geography 1400F/G
Godwin Arku

A Chapter Three Geographic Perspectives on Space Two of geographys well defined perspectives are 1 human systems as illustrated in the spatial interaction and human spatial behaviour 2 places and regions The world system analysis illustrates how models assist researchers because they act as a guide in helping us understand and solve complex systems and problems such as globalization Wallersteins model consists of three elements which are historical dependency theory and Marxist perspectives It suggests that globalization has been occurring for centuries and has benefited a small group of countries in the core region The model is in part spatial because it focuses attention on the economic relationships among core periphery semiperiphery and external regions Core and periphery regions can be seen at a number of scales such as global national provincial and local The flows of goods and services among regions at all scales highlights the relevance and importance of geography with its long standing interest in human systems and spatial interaction Spatial interaction refers to the movement of goods information people ideas and of every facet of the economy and society between one place and another It includes the daily spatial activities of individuals and the collective patterns of their short and long distance behaviour in space The principles and constraints that unite define and control spatial behaviour in this sense constitute an essential organizing focus for the study of human geographic patterns of the earth We have seen that whatever the type of spatial behaviour or flow a limited number of recurring mechanisms of guidance and control are encountered Three underlying bases for spatial interaction 1 Complimentarity which encourages flow between areas by balancing supply with demand or satisfying need with opportunity 2 Transferability which affects movement decisions by i
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