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Chapter Six Summaries and Definitions Human Geography

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Geography 1400F/G
Godwin Arku

Chapter Six Geographies of Ethnicity Language and ReligionThreads of Diversity and Unity Ethnicity language and religion are symbols of identity serving both as threads of unity and diversity in the complex web of human cultures Depending upon the spatial and cultural contexts these identities can assume varying degrees of importance serving to include and unify people or exclude and divide them Ethnic diversity is a reality in most countries of the world and is increasing in many of them Immigration refugee streams guest workers and job seekers all contribute to the mixing or peoples and cultures in an area but the mixing is not complete In much of the world spatial separation identifies home territories within the ethnic group as dominant and with which it is identified In societies of immigrants such homelands are rare Ethnic enclaves of self selection or forced ghettos of imposed separation from larger host society are more common Ethnicity is one of the threads of diversity in the spatial cultural fabric Throughout the world ethnic groups have imprinted their presence on the landscapes in which they have developed or to which they have transported their culture Language and religion are fundamental components of culture and often intrinsic to ethnic diversity They serve to identify and categorize individuals within a single society and to separate peoples and nations of different tongues and faiths By their pronunciation and choice of words we quickly recognize districts of origin and educational levels of speakers of our own language and easily identify those who originally had different native tonguesIn some societies religion may serve as a similar identifier of individuals and groups who observe distinctive modes or rhythms of life dictated by their separate faiths Both language and religion are mentifacts parts of the ideological subsystem of culture both are transmitters of culture as well as its identifier Both have distinc
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