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Western University
Geography 1400F/G
Godwin Arku

Lecture 67 Politics and Space What is political geography see p208Glossary definition A branch of human geography concerned with the spatial analysis of political phenomenaTextbook Definition Political Geography is the study of the organization and distribution of political phenomena including their impact on other spatial components of society and culture Key concepts in Political Geography p 208209 Nation p 209Nation A culturally distinctive group of people occupying a specific territory and bound together by a sense of unity arising from share ethnicity beliefs and customsNation can be defined as1 An independent political unit holding sovereignty over a territory a member of the UN 2 A community of people with a common culture and territory eg The Kurdish nation The second definition is not synonymous with state or country Cree Nation is a nation however does not hold territorial sovereignty to be a state State p209State syn country An independent political unit occupying a defined permanently populated territory and having full sovereign control over its internal and foreign affairsState can be defined as either 1 Any of the political units forming a federal government eg one of the Canadian provinces 2 An independent political entity holding sovereignty over a territory eg Canada In the latter sense state is synonymous with country or nation All states are nations but not all Nations are states Antarctica is not a state as there is neither established government nor permanent population
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