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Geography 1400F/G
Godwin Arku

Lecture 7Chapter 8 Urban Systems and Urban StructuresGlobal patterns of urbanization p 249252TextbookMetropolitan areas over 1 million people have increase from 12 in 1900 to 411 in 200025 of the 411 have a population of over 10 million branded by the UN as a megacityIn 1800 2 of the world was urbanized in 2007 over 50 was urbanized estimated to reach 60 by 2030 The vast majority of this growth centered in lowtomiddle income countriesHighly developed countries will see a rise in multiculturalism from immigrants seeking opportunities in their cities However this brings the problem of social fragmentation minority segregation isolation and poverty affecting primarily the largest cities of the inflow LectureUrban growth varies from region to region Urbanization levels are highest in the more developed regions 75 or moreLess developed regions have a lower levels of urbanizationbut a more rapid rate of urbanizationBoth regions have two things in common 1 Experiencing high evolution rate number of people in both regions are rising 2 Cities themselves are large and growingIncrease in the number of large metropolitan areas 12 metropolitan areas had population of 1m or more in 1900The number increased to 411 metropolitan areas by 2000 Outcomesmany including Growing multiculturalism of urban areasIncreasing social problems eg poverty homelessness crime unemployment etc etcCurrent major economic functions of world cities o Tourism commodity trade FDI
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